Saturday, May 31, 2003
  Friday Night at the Eagle

I wore my leather pants, vest, gloves and tall engineer boots. I got there too early, at 11:30, but by 1 am the place was hopping. Ran into a couple familiar faces from the LURE. Several guys told me how much fun they had at IML. Later in the evening M licked my boots again. It's a strange crowd at the Eagle. There are many guys there in leather, but there are also chelsea boys, some bridge and tunnel traffic, and also lots of creepy guys there as well. I had three beers and a water. Went home alone and beat off. It's difficult for me to stay awake late on Fridays without taking a 'disco nap' after work.

Friday, May 30, 2003
  Finally, a Bike Ride

I was finally able to get out on my bike this afternoon for a short but important ride. I left work an hour early, only to have rain mar my plans. But when it stopped around 6 pm I pumped up my tires, carried my bike down the six flights of stairs and hit the streets. About 15 seconds into my ride, the rain started again, but I kept going anyway. It felt great to be back in the saddle. I went down Lexington Ave. to Gramercy Park, then west on 21st Street to the West Side Highway, past the old Eagle, then down to the Christopher Street piers. I returned to the East side on 26th Street and took a quick loop around Madison Square Park before returning to my apartment. Riding on the wet streets got my bike really dirty, but what the fuck. Felt great to get out and ride finally.


Tonight I am going to my new hangout, the new Eagle, and see what kind of trouble I can get into. In the meantime, I'm playing the new Led Zeppelin live CDs, which I picked up today. Amazing stuff, and since my neighbors are gone I am going to turn it up really, really loud.

The New Bound and Gagged

The new issue of Bound and Gagged arrived last week. I have been a subscriber for years, since it was a small black and white handbill sized publication. I used to be so excited by each issue, but now it just doesn't do it for me anymore. Most of the actual bondage depicted in the photographs is amateurish at best, and I am not thrilled about the way the stories are presented, with stupid headlines. I like bondage that is a little more edgy, serious, and intense. Sometimes Larry Townsend has a great story in there. 
Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I am getting ready to send in my check for Delta 03 this Labor Day weekend. It will be my fourth time there. I think I would like to be in the same cabin I was in last year. I was recently going through some old files on my computer, and I ran across the following email I sent to a friend after last year's event (I changed most of the names to initials):

"I stayed in a cabin with BP and LM, whom I rode there with, plus JW and LI, their friend J, and my buddy E from Houston.

"Friday afternoon I went to the pool to go swimming. After dinner Friday night I got tied up in the main gym play area by BM, a guy from San Diego. At the end of the scene, he put me in a rope harness that I wore for the rest of the evening. At snacks at 11 pm RL, a friend from New York, locked me in his high-security hinged handcuffs with a unique double-locking key. I kind of wanted to spend the night in them but decided against it.

"On Saturday morning, I tied up E, a guy from San Francisco, in the lower dungeon, used clothespins on him and dripped hot wax on him. Later in the morning I shaved D, a guy from London, from the neck down using prep razors. I also attended the presentation and demonstration on flogging given by JW. That day I ate lunch with R and his boy, J, wearing heavy iron manacles belonging to R. In the afternoon I used my new flogger on E. Later I chained E's hands to his cock and balls and had him follow me around for an hour, with only boots on. That night I was tied up by Leather Edge, who had held the keys to a padlocked chain around my neck from the previous night that I wore all day Saturday. (The guys I tied up that day didn't seem to mind.) Late Saturday night I gave a massage to GK, and JC joined in.

"All Sunday morning I had my work detail, driving the van around the site for those who can't or don't want to navigate the campgrounds' many hills. I played the radio and scanned for Stones songs. After lunch I watched a guy from Ohio put four guys into sleepacks (he wanted to put me in one as well, but I wasn't feeling up for it at the time). I also attended a talk/demonstration on heavy metal bondage given by HC. Sunday night was leather cocktails and the banquet. This is the big "dress up" dinner. I wore my chaps. It rained that night, but not too heavy. Later R and I mummified J in Vetrap and used vibrators on him.

"Monday morning for my grand finale I was suspended in rope in the main gym by DM of Seattle. The pictures turned out great. After lunch, B, L and I departed and I was home before dinner Monday night."

Some Random Thoughts From the Top of My Head

The cold rainy weather sucks. It feels like winter still. If it were warmer and drier, I would be out riding my bike after work and on weekends. I've only been out once so far this year. ... The new issue of Rolling Stone arrived, featuring some pictures of Dave Navarro. I cut them out. He's totally hot in his leather pants, piercings and tattoos. I just wish he would lay off the makeup and nail polish. ... Fleet Week is ending here in New York City. I didn't see many sailors this year. ... I love the show Sex and the City, and i am looking forward to the final season, which begins June 22.

Monday, May 26, 2003
  A No-Show This Rainy Weekend

I had a play date with a hot booted leather biker stud I had chatted up online, for Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, he didn't show up. I was disappointed, as I had gotten dressed in full leather myself and had laid out lots of gear, including my leather flogger, to use on him. It's very inconsiderate when people agree to meet and then don't. It was rainy and cold most of the weekend, and my buddy and I canceled our Sunday bike trip to Brooklyn due to the crappy weather. Instead I went to see a couple movies, "The Trip," an independent gay flick that I enjoyed on Sunday, and the "X Men" sequel, which I also enjoyed immensely today. I was especially into the hunky men, including Hugh Jackman. Lots of leather, boots and muscles. There was even some interesting locking metal bondage for the hero, but he escaped from it in about 28 seconds.

Saturday, May 24, 2003
  Bootlicking at the Eagle vs the LURE

I went to the Eagle last night, the first time since the LURE closed. Since the weather was terrible (rainy and cold) and it being IML weekend, I didn't expect the place to be very busy. I like the Eagle, but not nearly as much as I liked the LURE. It's a nice space, if a little crowded at times, has great bathrooms and some incredibly hot bartenders with amazing bodies. Anyway I ran into a buddy of mine last night, a bootlicker I'll refer to as M. He's a good-looking Italian guy, and he has licked my boots many, many times in the past at the LURE. I pointed out to him last night that I was wearing a pair of boots he had not met before, a pair of lace-ups with thick tread soles. "Well the Eagle is not really a bootlicking bar," he said. Nevertheless, we picked out a spot upstairs, he got down on the floor and he licked my treads while I finished my beer. After a short break, he got down on the floor again, this time on his back, and I put my boots in his face, on his chest, his arms, crotch and legs. This went on for some time, but eventually it got a little too crowded in our corner of the bar, so I had him get up, as I did not want him to be stepped on by a pair of loafers or worse, sneakers. I went back to the bar and got myself another beer and a water for M. Later we sat down and had a good laugh about our new hangout. You see, if we had done this at the LURE, with M down on the floor licking my boots, there would have been ten guys standing around in a circle within 30 seconds, watching intently and rubbing their crotches. Here at the Eagle, nobody seemed to pay any attention, or if they did they looked at us like we were from Mars. I'm planning to have him over to my place sometime for a private boot worship session. He'll be handcuffed.

Mr. D

I forgot to mention in my previous post about meeting a really wonderful man last year at IML, a hot stud daddy type I'll refer to as Mr. D. I was in the vendor mart and noticed him immediately. Later, in the hotel lobby I saw him again and scrounged up my courage and approached him to say hello. As we both had plans for that night (I was off to the CHC) we were not able to spend much time together, but we exchanged contact information and became email and phone pals. He's come up to NYC to see me once, but unfortunately our travel plans have not been able to mesh lately. It's too bad that we are in different cities, because he is definitely husband material. I gave him a pair of boots that were too small for me but fit him nicely.

Thursday, May 22, 2003
  The Dentist

I started the day in the dentist's chair. I was in for lots of uncomfortable poking and probing today. I better get used to it too, since I am embarking on some long-term, complicated work. It's going to be sort of like Boston's "big dig" project, going on in my mouth. When it's finished, I will be glad I had gone through it all. But for the next year and a half, I am in for some pain.

It's IML Weekend and I'm Not Going

I'm not going to IML this year. I have been there 4 or 5 times in the past. Last year, I went to IML and had the opportunity to play at the Chicago Hellfire Club. I had been invited there as a guest by some of my friends I know from Delta who are members of the club. I got chained up and punched by a very hot man, who let me wear his heavy metal collar back to the hotel that night. It was a hot scene, I was very impressed with the club, the space and the quality of the play there. I hope to return someday. And I also hope to attend Inferno in the future. This year, I could not justify the expense of going back to Chicago for IML. But at the same time, I feel I am missing out on the action and excitement, since "everybody" is going. Last year, I had an encounter at IML with a top who turned out to be a total asshole. The bad experience really knocked the wind out of my sails, and if it hadn't been for the great time I ended up having at CHC, the weekend would have been a total waste. I just wish the weather here in NYC were better right now. I'm dying to get out on my bicycle, but it's been too rainy and cold. A cycling buddy and I are going to shoot for a ride to Brooklyn on Sunday, weather permitting.

Cuffs in Sci-Fi Movies

I am fascinated by handcuffs. I own many different pairs of different types and styles. I just finished watching the movie "Star Wars Episode II" (hated it) and they had some pretty snazzy looking handcuffs worn by the heroes. I also remember seeing some hi-tech cuffs worn by Captain Piccard in an episode of Star Trek TNG, a two part episode called "Chain of Command." And don't forget the infamous Bat Cuffs. Somebody posted pictures of those on the Internet. I'd like to have a set of those!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003
  Terror Alerts and Men in Uniform

Well here we go again with another terror alert. When an alert is issued, Vanderbilt Avenue between 42nd and 45th Streets, the west exposure to Grand Central Terminal, is blocked off with police vehicles and barricades. I know this because I walk that way to and from work. Along with the barricades comes more men in uniform -- cops and national guard troops who wear boots and have buzzcuts. Usually these guys are just standing around, congregating around cop cars, looking hot. Because I often find myself sexually attracted, I enjoy looking at these men. At the same time, however, I resent their presence. That is because I believe that Sept. 11 would never have occurred had the bone-headed bureaucrats at the INS, CIA and FBI had been doing their jobs. It pisses me off that the US military won't allow openly gay men and women to serve, and they kicked out translators fluent in Arabic for being gay. And it disturbs me that I now live in a world where armed soldiers partol the streets I walk on to get to work. Am I unhappy about this? Yes. Do I feel safer with these guys standing around with their guns? Maybe a little. Will I still check them out? You bet.

Spending Time in Rubber

I recently got a new full-body latex suit, neck to wrist to ankles (also known as a "catsuit," but I hate that word too). It's made by Expectations in London, and I got it at Purple Passion/DV8. It's black, and zips from the butt, through the crotch and up the front to the neck. I really, really enjoy wearing it. It feels terrific, and I must say that I am happy with the way I look in it as well. When I bought it, I wore it home from the store under my clothes and ended up keeping it on until just before I had to take a shower for work the next morning, after squirting several loads into it throughout the night. I recently visited a hot man for three days of rubber training in my new suit. But that is a story to be shared another day... 
Tuesday, May 20, 2003
  Tying up a jock

One of my out-of-state bondage buddies is in town this week. He's been over here twice before, and I have enjoyed tying him up. He's a nice looking, gym-toned jock guy, very shy, great body, hairy, and small. Last time he was here, I spread-eagled him in my living room, adding additional restraints just above and below his knees and elbows, effectively immobilizing him. Then I threatened to keep him like that unless his team won the football game on TV. Recently, he told me that he has a fantasy of being kept tied up overnight and we were shooting for an all-night bondage scene on Saturday, but he couldn't make it. He told me that he hadn't cum for days also. Would have been fun. Maybe another time.


As this handle implies, I am into metal bondage. Handcuffs, irons, chains, etc. Also cages, cells and confinement. Things that lock. I am fascinated by padlocks. Most of my bondage gear, other than rope of course, locks or can be locked. I am versatile, meaning I enjoy both locking and getting locked, though not necessarily with the same partner. When it comes to bondage play, I prefer to meet and play with guys who have bondage gear, or who at the very least own their own cuffs and/or rope. Bondage does not have to be involved, however, as I also enjoy uniforms, leather, boots and, increasingly, rubber.

Post time

I have noticed that the post time posted on this blog thing is three hours earlier than when I am actually posting.  
Monday, May 19, 2003
  New to This

OK I am new to this whole blogging thing. Actually I hate the word "blog." Sounds gross. I prefer "online journal." Anyway.


I have always been attracted to skinheads. I guess it's the boots, the toughness, and the shaved or close cropped look. And of course these guys always look a little menacing. Dangerous, hot. Lately I have been thinking about putting together a skinhead look for myself. I could pull it off. I am tall and reasonably lean, I usually always keep my head buzzed to a No. 1, sometimes a zero crop, and I think I would look pretty good in the "braces," etc. The thing that troubles me is that I would never, ever, get in a street fight or anything like that. And I abhor the racist or white supremacist movement that some skinheads are part of. Can one become a skinhead without belonging to a group or subscribing to a philosophy? When I was in college, I had two female roomates who dressed as punk rockers....dyed hair, nose rings, combat boots, leather jackets, etc. They explained to me once that they were not true punks, but rather "posers." They just liked to dress like that. I guess I will be like that. Dressing up as a skinhead because I like the look.

Sunday, May 18, 2003
  It's Sunday morning, May 18, and this is my first entry.  
Online journal for Metalbondnyc, a gay guy into leather, rubber and metal.

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