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Monday, April 12, 2004
  POW Bondage

A couple weeks ago I made an out of town trip to see a bondage/SM master for some POW style bondage. I was chained up in his basement for 36 hours, hooded much of the time in my new hood from the Leatherman, and kept under control that way. Despite being incredibly unhappy at times, the scene was, I must admit, rather hot and I have been getting a lot of mileage out of the whole thing, by replaying it in my mind. The finale of the weekend was being crucified on this amazing cross he had set up complete with a rigged pulley system. I even got some pictures.

A Pup for the Afternoon

Last weekend I had a date with a very playful pup. We met online, and he came over and I got him down on all fours in ood and fist mitts, and chained him so that he could not stand up. He was really, really into this, so much so that it was pretty totally convincing. He acted and sounded like a real dog. Panting, licking, playing fetch with my underwear, lapping water from a bowl on the floor. I got off on it. It was one occasion when I really wished I had a cage here.

The Eagle Sucked Last Friday

I went to the Eagle last Friday and had a terrible time. They were having their "Fetish Friday" event, so the place was uncomfortably jam packed. I had to pay $7 to get in. And while the roof deck was open, it was too cold to be out there for more than just a few minutes at a time. So I checked out early, came home, beat off and went to sleep. The Eagle will be more fun this summer. It has to be.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004
  Tying Up the Porn Star

I had a really hot time recently with "Steve," a very hot and very nice bondage guy from Australia. I chatted him up online a long time ago after recognizing him from a Grapik Arts tape and asked him if he'd like to be tied up someday. Surprisingly, he accepted and when he came to New York this winter he spent a night with me. I tied him up seven or eight different ways in all sorts of different gear and positions, we both shot multiple loads and all in all it was a terrific experience. I took a roll and a half of film, but the pictures when I got them back did not accurately represent how hot the whole thing was (pictures taken in my apartment always come out shitty). He was a very nice guy, physically very hot, and best of all he was totally into being tied up in many different ways. It's always nice to have a new bondage buddy.

Some New Gear

Lately I've gotten some new gear. I'm still working on breaking in the new hood. Meanwhile, I finally ordered my 18-inch Wesco Jobmasters from Hilton. I am sure they will take forever to arrive, but I think I am going to like them a lot. Also a couple weeks ago I was at the Noose, and they had a half-off sale on rubber chaps! So I got a great pair of all black rubber chaps for just $150. I wore them to the Eagle that night and they fit just great and I really liked them a lot. The chaps are from Expectations (like the suit) and the zipper is rather difficult to get started, but they really felt great and I am so glad I got them. My latest purchase is some football gear. I have been trolling around on Ebay for weeks looking for some football pants, but finally today I just ordered some new ones from Amazon. I also want to get the pads, jersey, etc., so this is going to be a big thing.

A Really Nice Time Last Weekend

Last weekend Adam came over, and we had some dinner at the Japanese place and then came back up for play. I used my flogger on him, then later hooded and spread eagled him in the living room and worked his nips really hard. Adam is very visual, and he likes it when I wear a leatherman's hat. The next morning we went for brunch.

Bondage Weekend Planned

I have a heavy scene planned for this weekend, in Pittsburgh of all places. I am to be put into some nasty predicaments, including some long term muscle straining positions and also hard time in a confinement box. It's going to be rough, I hope I can handle it!

Sunday, February 01, 2004
  It's Been a While

It's been a while since I have posted anything. Between my ongoing mouth agony, work commitments and stress with my family, including three trips to Michigan in three months and another one in a few weeks, I haven't been feeling up to writing much lately. But despite the hectic schedule, the stress of the holidays and a rash or flakes and no-shows I have managed to have some fun.

Two Days in a Dungeon

After the business portion of my recent trip to California I spent two days in a dungeon under the control of two fantastic guys. I was locked or chained up the entire time, with only bathroom and shower breaks. Most of the play was heavy extended bondage, including rigid irons, stocks, chained in various uncomfortable positions and of course locked in a cage. Both nights I spent in heavy five-way combination irons with a long chain adlocked from my ankle to the wall. At one point a metal band was locked around my cock and balls and my ankles were chained to that, and I was also chained by my wrists to a collar arond my neck, which turned me into a dog ready to be caged. That was probably the hottest predicament I was in, and I will have to remember that one to try one someone here. At the end of the orddeal, I was subjected to a flogging, which was fantastic, very sensual, and by the end I actually wanted it to continue. We also did some electricity play, with an electrified buttplug up my ass. At the end of the two days I was stiff, sore and exhausted, but all in all it was a fantastic way to "unwind" after the stress of the previous few months.

New Leather Hood

I treated myself this winter to a new leather hood fro the Leather Man. It's not exactly what I wanted, but it is close. It's got no eye holes, just grommets at the nose and mouth, and it laces up the back and buckles around the neck with a thick collar that can be padlocked. I like it, and the goal is to use it for some extended bondage play. I've not yet managed to stay in it overnight yet. I'll probably need some encouragement from a buddy for that. The good thing is that a straw can be inserted through the grommet hole for liquids.  
Sunday, September 07, 2003
  Delta 03

For the most part, I had a terrific time at Delta this year. Despite the trouble with my mouth and the bad food situation (the food at Delta is always atrocious), I met some great guys, had some fun if unspectacular scenes and enjoyed just getting away from the city for a few days.

I rode down a day early, on Thursday, with Ted and Gil in an SUV that Ted rented. It was a pleasant ride down, and that night we went to dinner in the town of Oxford. We also went shopping, at the dollar discount store and the grocery store. I purchased some cleaning supplies for the cabin and stocked up my cooler with yogurt and frozen strawberries so that I would be able to make protein shakes. That night I cleaned up the cabin, which was a filthy mess. Since I was the first to arrrive, I picked out a bunkbed by the bathroom and got settled in. later that night I went for a walk, visited with some of the other early arrivals, and saw Mars for the first time.

On Friday, we went back into town to get something to eat at the diner and stopped at the stores again. That afternoon I went swimming at the pool, and because it was so hot and humid, the water felt terrific. That night after dinner I met Derek, a hot bondage bottom from New York, and I took him to an outdoors space for a hot wax scene. It was a concrete platform about 10 feet square, and I spread eagled him there, then lit candles all around his naked body and dripped hot wax on him. Later we walked around (him naked to show off the wax pattern) and went to snacks. He had a difficult time removing some of the wax with the comb I gave him. hot wax scenes are so messy that I only do them at places like Delta.

On Saturday afternoon I got into my rubber shorts and T, with boots and gloves, for the J-lube party. I had missed this several years now due to having to work, so I was glad to finally be able to participate. But just at 3 pm when the party was to start, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and the romp was postponed until the next morning. It was fun to be outside in the rain in my rubber, and the rubber guys were all at Command Central. Max (Dr Mad Max) put me in his rubber straitjacket, and I spent a couple hours with him. He took me back to Cabin Q, where everyone was tied up or chained up, or tying or chaining somebody else up. Max showed me some of his gear and promised to encase me in something that night. Later I went to the big gym where Ian (aka "black") polished my Chippewa engineeer boots. I also met Ron and Bob, and Ron locked me in his Hiatt darbies cuffs and layed with me for a while. That night I went to dinner with Ron and Bob. Ron had both Bob and I in cuffs. I was still in my rubber.

After dinner and after Ron unchained me, I went back to the cabin, took off my rubber and got cleaned up. Ian was leading a bootblack workshop, and I wanted to attend. I wore my Carolina paratroopers, and since most of the other workshop attendees were wearing sneakers, Ian polished my boots as the main demonstration for his presentation. Ian's bootblacking method is a little different from mine. He starts with soapy wet saddle soap, followed by lots of polish and a good tongue licking. The results are impressive, but I can make my paratroopers look just as good if not better. Ian did, however, demonstrate several different lacing techniques which I found most interesting.

Later that night I returned to the big gym, where Dr. Mad Max put me in his canvas sleepsack. I would have gone in his vac rack, but with my mouth and face in the condition it is in, I decided that it would have been too much pressure on my face. Max's vac rack is very impressive. Once the air has been sucked out, the vacuum can be turned off, and his breathing mechanism for the mouth allows the bottom to speak.

In the morning (Sunday morning), I got rubbered up again for the J-lube party. It was a hot sunny day, but early enough that the sun was not too much of a problem. It was fun to get all slimy and slippery, sort of like a rubber mosh pit. I probably souldn't have done it (I got kneed in the face, about six inches lower would have been right on the surgery area) but I had a good time. Afterward I went into the pool in my rubber. After lunch I had a nice, relaxing stroll by the creek with Gil. That night was the big banquet, so I put on my good leather for that. I sat with John and Larry and their buddy Kevin, a hunky muscle guy from New York. John wore his NYPD uniform and had Larry in an orange prison jumpsuit and hinged cuffs. In fact there were a lot of guys in chains at every meal, much more this year than in years past.

Sunday night I played with Rick. He brought his bag of gear, I bought mine and together we had quite a bondage arsenal. First I mummified his head in vetrap, then I put him in a cloth sleepsack and bound him to a bondage table with heavy leather belts and tape. I played with his cock, got him hard, then tightened all the straps and played with him some more. After he shot a big load, I released him from the bondage, then put him in my leather behind the back arm binder harness with locking buckles and took him to snacks. It was wonderful to spend the evening with Rick.

On Monday I got together with Randy, another one of my Internet bondage buddies. This weekend was the first time we had met each other in person. I had been impressed with him and his level of play all weekend, and it was nice to spend some time with him. We went down to the lower gym and checked out eachother's gear and put each other in bondage. It was fun. That afternoon, Ian tied me up and did some abrasion with me. Later on, I went for a walk with Andy, who was having a fantastic weekend. His skills as a rope bondage top are excellent. That night for dinner I put on my shoulder entry black rubberr catsuit for dinner, and stayed in it for the piss party, which was held in one of the cabins. I pissed in Andy's pants, and also all over Ed and into Bruce's funnel hood/gag. Later that night, after I got out of the rubber and cleaned up, we had another huge thunderstorm. The next morning, Tuesday, it was time to pack up and head out.

Barbara Nitke's Slide Show

On Tuesday night back in the city, I attended the TES meeting, where Barbara Nitke launched her new book and presented a slide show. It was my first time at TES, and I was one of only about five gay men there. Barbara has a fantastic body of work. She started out as a photographer for porn movie shoots, and she was fascinated by the candid looks of boredom and normalcy on the faces of the participants that she captured between takes. She noticed that most of the "actors" in the porn flicks did not seem to be enjoying sex that much. Later, when she began to photograph couples in New York's leather/sm community, she was impressed with how much love her subjects expressed for one another. Her new book, Kiss of Fire, explores this. She shows how people with different lifestyles express their love. I was moved by the work, and I bought a copy of her book. She signed it with a wonderful note to me.

The New New York Bondage Club

On Friday night I went to the first party at the New York Bondage Club's new play space on West 28th Street. It was a fantastic crowd, but the space itself was lousy. For one thing, it is too small. There are not enough play stations, and the rooms were way too fucking hot. that's too bad, too, because I really was in the mood to play that night. Andy, who was also there, says the space has bad karma. We left together and went over to the Eagle. The Eagle that night was fantastic. It was the first time I had been on their roof deck. It's really nice up there. I can't wait to go back.

Thursday, August 28, 2003
  I'm Packed for Delta

I am all packed and ready to go to Delta. Ted's coming by arund noon. I've never gotten there on Thrusday before, so it will be nice to get there and get settled in. I am looking forward to getting out in the country for a long weekend, away from phones and television. It will be great to play, and I am looking forward to meeting new guys and having some new and memorable experiences. I am also looking forward to breaking in some of my newest gear, including the rubber suit. I am also looking forward to seeing Mars! 
Saturday, August 23, 2003
  Getting Ready for Delta

I had lunch this week with my friend Gil, and it was great to catch up on things with him as I hadn't seen him for a while. I showed him my mouth (he noticed the gap between my two front teeth immediately) and he was absolutely fascinated by the hyrex expander device and how that whole thing worked. After lunch we went candle shopping. I want to do a hot wax scene at Delta, so I got some small white ones and some large black ones. It will be fun to initiate someone into the Brotherhood of the Flame. Anyway, I have begun to mentally pack and this weekend and early next week I will begin to put the gear and toys together. There's always so much to pack for Delta.

Today I am going to go cycling with my buddy Jay, and then hopefully shopping for boots.  
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