Tuesday, July 15, 2003
  My Favorite Photographer

Today Barbara Nitke showed me her brand-new, just published photography book, in English and German. It is an absolutely fabulous book, and the print quality is top-notch. But the best part is the subject matter. She specializes in portraits of individuals with s/m, leather and fetish lifestyles. Barbara has a talent for letting people's true identity come through in her photography. Several of her subjects are people whom I know from the New York s/m scene. I remember when she presented some of her work for GMSMA a few years ago, and how moved I was with her presentation. I am looking forward to getting a copy of her book when it goes on sale. She also mentioned that she'd like to photograph me sometime, perhaps in rubber. I am most intrigued.

Monday, July 14, 2003
  Nine and a Half Hours in the Box, and Chained in a Sex Club

Rubber Bondage Master locked me in his box. I was wearing a rubber catsuit, lace up boots, and thick rubber gloves. Manacles were locked on my wrists, and leg cuffs locked on my ankles. After he had me play with his nips while he jizzed on me, he closed the lid, bolted and locked it, then locked the cell door. It was totally dark, and completely confining. It got really hot inside and I panicked a little, but after moving the pillows out of the way I could actually feel the cool fresh air coming in and I was able to calm down. Later I had a bad dream about the ventilation system, and I remember trying to yell out in my dream but not being able to. At some point in the morning I had to piss in the suit. When I was finally released, it was 9:30 am. I had been locked in since midnight the night before. Earlier he took me to a sex club, and chained my wrists behind my back, then locked me in a cell to the bars facing out, before taking my cock and balls out of the suit. So I was chained standing, so anyone who wanted to could play with my cock and balls. Several men played with me, a couple others sucked me, and one sadistic "old school" type tortured my balls severely by squeezing and pulling on them.

Andy's Playroom

I went cycling in new Jersey with my buddy Andy yesterday, and afterward I went up to his apartment and he showed me around. He's got the top floor of a brownstone in Jersey City. He has the back room set up as a play area, complete with los of restraints and other gear, and a spanking bench that he made himself. He's quite a creative guy. Earlier he had told me about a few of his recent scenes, including working over a guy at the bondage club.

Dental Work

I've begun the dental work, and today I got the expander device. This will be in for approximately two to three months. it will still be in when I go to Delta later this summer. I'm not in pain yet, but the device is annoying. It feels like a surgical steel nonremovable gag. Speaking is difficult, eating is a mess, and cocksucking is now out of the question.

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