Wednesday, March 10, 2004
  Tying Up the Porn Star

I had a really hot time recently with "Steve," a very hot and very nice bondage guy from Australia. I chatted him up online a long time ago after recognizing him from a Grapik Arts tape and asked him if he'd like to be tied up someday. Surprisingly, he accepted and when he came to New York this winter he spent a night with me. I tied him up seven or eight different ways in all sorts of different gear and positions, we both shot multiple loads and all in all it was a terrific experience. I took a roll and a half of film, but the pictures when I got them back did not accurately represent how hot the whole thing was (pictures taken in my apartment always come out shitty). He was a very nice guy, physically very hot, and best of all he was totally into being tied up in many different ways. It's always nice to have a new bondage buddy.

Some New Gear

Lately I've gotten some new gear. I'm still working on breaking in the new hood. Meanwhile, I finally ordered my 18-inch Wesco Jobmasters from Hilton. I am sure they will take forever to arrive, but I think I am going to like them a lot. Also a couple weeks ago I was at the Noose, and they had a half-off sale on rubber chaps! So I got a great pair of all black rubber chaps for just $150. I wore them to the Eagle that night and they fit just great and I really liked them a lot. The chaps are from Expectations (like the suit) and the zipper is rather difficult to get started, but they really felt great and I am so glad I got them. My latest purchase is some football gear. I have been trolling around on Ebay for weeks looking for some football pants, but finally today I just ordered some new ones from Amazon. I also want to get the pads, jersey, etc., so this is going to be a big thing.

A Really Nice Time Last Weekend

Last weekend Adam came over, and we had some dinner at the Japanese place and then came back up for play. I used my flogger on him, then later hooded and spread eagled him in the living room and worked his nips really hard. Adam is very visual, and he likes it when I wear a leatherman's hat. The next morning we went for brunch.

Bondage Weekend Planned

I have a heavy scene planned for this weekend, in Pittsburgh of all places. I am to be put into some nasty predicaments, including some long term muscle straining positions and also hard time in a confinement box. It's going to be rough, I hope I can handle it!

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