Monday, April 12, 2004
  POW Bondage

A couple weeks ago I made an out of town trip to see a bondage/SM master for some POW style bondage. I was chained up in his basement for 36 hours, hooded much of the time in my new hood from the Leatherman, and kept under control that way. Despite being incredibly unhappy at times, the scene was, I must admit, rather hot and I have been getting a lot of mileage out of the whole thing, by replaying it in my mind. The finale of the weekend was being crucified on this amazing cross he had set up complete with a rigged pulley system. I even got some pictures.

A Pup for the Afternoon

Last weekend I had a date with a very playful pup. We met online, and he came over and I got him down on all fours in ood and fist mitts, and chained him so that he could not stand up. He was really, really into this, so much so that it was pretty totally convincing. He acted and sounded like a real dog. Panting, licking, playing fetch with my underwear, lapping water from a bowl on the floor. I got off on it. It was one occasion when I really wished I had a cage here.

The Eagle Sucked Last Friday

I went to the Eagle last Friday and had a terrible time. They were having their "Fetish Friday" event, so the place was uncomfortably jam packed. I had to pay $7 to get in. And while the roof deck was open, it was too cold to be out there for more than just a few minutes at a time. So I checked out early, came home, beat off and went to sleep. The Eagle will be more fun this summer. It has to be.

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